Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

ISPO / Air&Style

Well there is not much to say about the ISPO and the Air & Style, but it was really fun and the Air & Style has been an amazing show as always..

Little live act at the reef booth

Photo hour with the reef chicks

The Billabong booth!


The miniramp competition has been really inspiring
some guys were really breaking it down..

The Air & Style

such an amazing show and a pretty good competition
I think the Air & Style is a very good example to show how rapidly snowboarding developed over the last 19 years...

Well, Sido as expected didn't pull it off..
Just not the right place to be
But the beatsteaks were totally amazing!
And the crowd almost got down the security guys :)

But as every year the event was amazing and it was fun to be there
thanks to burn and billabong and all the other sponsors!
And congratulations to Niklas, Seppe and Peetu!

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