Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

One day at Kühtai with the Rofner sisters

Yesterday I got up to Kühtai for riding the YOG halfpipe there, but it was super flatlight and the pipe wasn't in good shape at all, probably because thousands of skiers are destroying the flat every day!
In the afternoon it started snowing and we couldn't see anything anymore, but it was great fun!

I discovered my own store

Now I'm looking forward to go to Laax for the Burton European Open!
It's going to be good!

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

World Snowboard Championships in Oslo

I just came back from Oslo and I couldn't be happier, it has been an amazing event, eventhough there were some unfortunate oragnisational issues, but they didn't really matter so..

If you missed it or if you want to see it again you can still watch all of it on:

Riders lounge filled with the probably most comfortable beanbags ever!

The halfpipe looking good!

The whole week the weather was pretty good and it was awesome to ride at night.

For the finals it started to rain, but the level of riding was amazingly high, so I guess it didn't really matter in the pipe..

Congrats to Iouri Podladtchikov!

check out his run here:

The quarterpipe comptetition took place at Holmenkollen, looked a little like Air & Style, but there were less people and not really a Sideshow.. and so it was over at 8 or something..

But still a great show, unfortunatly nobody broke the 10 meter mark..

Congratulations to Olivier Gittler!

One of the snowboarders waxed his board in the hotel and so after a little accident the hotel staff decided to put that sign in the elevator


Oslo is very nice and so here are some impressions

Hias and I lost at the harbor

Oslo rådhus

I really enjoied my trip to Oslo and I'm very glad I had the chance to be there.

Thank you TTR for making it happen looking forward to the next WSC!

Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

ISPO / Air&Style

Well there is not much to say about the ISPO and the Air & Style, but it was really fun and the Air & Style has been an amazing show as always..

Little live act at the reef booth

Photo hour with the reef chicks

The Billabong booth!


The miniramp competition has been really inspiring
some guys were really breaking it down..

The Air & Style

such an amazing show and a pretty good competition
I think the Air & Style is a very good example to show how rapidly snowboarding developed over the last 19 years...

Well, Sido as expected didn't pull it off..
Just not the right place to be
But the beatsteaks were totally amazing!
And the crowd almost got down the security guys :)

But as every year the event was amazing and it was fun to be there
thanks to burn and billabong and all the other sponsors!
And congratulations to Niklas, Seppe and Peetu!