Sonntag, 13. März 2011

Austrian Masters 2011

The last weekend and this weekend the Shred Down Austrian Masters were on! And I couldn't skip a competition like this.
Both weekends the weather was pretty good and so the mood was aawwweesssoommmee!!
Had an awesome time thanks!


The pipe events has been in Innsbruck and they really did a good job for the pipe was siick!

The pipe and it's conditions were on my side somehow that day and so I could win the Rookies and got 3rd in the overall ranking.
Here a short video from the event:

So this weekend there has been the Slopestyle competition in Westendorf!

Big Mama is looking kindda tiny ;)

As in Innsbruck I could compete as a Rookie and luckily I could win the Slopestyle too..

Now I got a Ticket for the World Rookie Fest Finals in Ischgl!

And I'm going to ride the Wängl Tängl next week in Mayrhofen!
Hope to see you there!

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