Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Grindelwald Swiss Open

There has been a swiss open audi series tour stop at Grindelwald.
Actually there were two contests and it was pretty epic!
The pipe was very nice actually eventhough it wasn't super big


I managed to win on the first day and I got 2nd on the second day.
It has been really nice, the weather was awesome, felt like spring!!


We stayed with the German team and those guys are awesome!! :D haha had pretty much fun.

So Maxi, Sophie, Walther, Luis, Linus and I were riding the competitions and Verena and Jan were there to coach us :)
Our "team" got two 1. places, two second places and 1 third place!

Snow was rare, but the pipe was good

Our 6 men room :)

Has been a nice weekend, thanks!