Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Ehrwald Chill and Destroy

The last weekend the Chill and Destroy tour had a stop at Ehrwald, the kickers there are pretty nice.
The competition hasn't been really good for me.. the judges counted both runs and I messed up both so I had no chance to get to the finals.
The weather and the kickers were awesome and so I had pretty much fun shredding there.


One evening we went to the all-you-can-eat sushi. Awesome!! :D

We stayed for one more day after the competition and unfortunate little Mandu hurt himselve kind of mad.. but he will be able to shred again in about 4 weeks..
get well soon!

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Les deux Alpes

There were 3 europe cups in les deux alpes.
Somehow this year we are very lucky with the weather and as the last few weeks the weather was awesome!!

The competitions were allright 2 times pipe and one slopestyle contest.
I got 18th and 5th in the halfpipe and messed up the slopestye competition, but it doesn't matter at all.

The trip was actually pretty fun eventhough they broke into the swissteams place and stole 2 laptops and cash..

Also the journy wasn't so chilled... 12 hours one way..
but however the weather was nice and Jermin, Hias and I went up to highest lift and could get some nice shots.


Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

World Rookie Fest Livigno

The last few days the World Rookie Fest in Livigno was on.

The park is, as always, super epic!


All four days there has been bluebird, so the conditions for the event were perfect!!

On Saturday I was there with Jan and Marc Alan
Happy birthday Jan!!


Unfortunate Marc could not compete and so he didn't come with us the other days
I was staying with the Austrian under 18 team, very nice crew!
Thanks for the nice days


On Sunday I broke my boot and my board.. sorry Peter..
But anyways I could compete, unfortunately I couldn't make it to the Finals once more... I ended up in 26. postition
sucks somehow, but I had a few very nice training days and could shred the perfectly shaped kickers.

Somehow Italians are weird :)
Now that's intresting xD

See you soon Livigno!

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Here the video to the Flachauwinkl session with Much, Jermin, Falki, Joe and Adi

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

O'neill Evolution

Directly after my family holiday I went to the O'neill Evolution where we, Lydia, Céline Hélène and I rent a super sweeeeeeettt apartment

Hammer Flatscreen!!

The halfpipe has been really nice

but unfortunately I bailed my first run on the last hit and my second run on the first..
And so I ended up I don't know where..

However on sunday the BEO is on and I'm looking forward to that
Hope it's good :)

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Serfaus with my family

I spent almost the entire christmas holidays in Sefaus with my family.

As always we accomplished our car to be completely stuffed.. :)
Serfaus here we come!

On the 24th we all went snowboarding together and had really nice dinner!!



The weather has been super awesome.. sometimes :)


My new board is super soft and so I had fun by destroying it on the rails and boxes

Also Lena, who is somehow a part of my family, joined us to have some awesome snow fun.

I celebrated new years eve with my family, Lena and Céine Hélène
Sadly I was so trashed that I couldn't really enjoy the evening anymore after 2 am, but anyways it was fun :)