Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Laax / Junior Open

I spent the last week in Laax with the ÖSV. Even though the weather was not good at all it was fun, mostly because the new freestyle academy hall has opened. And with this we had a lot to do besides beeing on snow, things like these!! :)

Kickers and Quaterpipe into a foam pit

Hias killing it on the skateramp!

Or killing himself, however you see that

Trampolines, also with the option to jump into a foam pit


One rail and one box to hit :)


Adi and I shreddin' the rail :D

and Skateboard Miniramp and Bowl


Here a short movie with the trampoline - foam pit part of the hall :)


As I was saying the weather wasn't good at all, but the Junior Open took place in Laax and so we participated in the competition.


Don't think the weather was good that day just because you can see the sun!
It has been super windy :)

Lydia and Céline Hélène came by to see the competition and afterwards I had some time to teach Céline how to snowboard. First I thought my longanimity would pass away, but acctually it has been really funny :)


___ Nice!

I finished the competition in 5th place.
Clemens got 3rd, Hias got 2nd and Jan won!

Congrats guys!

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