Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010


The last three days the Austrian snowboard team had a little "airbag" session in Flachauwinkel.
I could get a ride to our destination Radstadt by Stefan Falki und Macho Much.


Big kicker into the airbag

The second day Falki, Much and I were too late and our coaches left without us :)
So we decided to ask the Italiens to give us a ride and they could, awesome.
Thanks guys


Sadly one of the Italien guys hurt himself in the airbag.
Get well soon!

Fortunate the hotel had super nice dessert :)

I hope it made him feel better too!

On the last day it has been to windy to jump the airbag and so we were just cruising the slopes and hidding the rails.
Edit comming up..

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