Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Qualification day

Today was the qualification of the eurocup. The weather has been and is still super nice, nearly perfect conditions to ride a competition, even though it has been windy for a short time.
The pipe was shaped pretty good considering both pipe dragons broke down the day before yesterday.

Awesome weather!

Stood up early in the morning and the moon was still shining, too early!

Crowded startgate just before the training

Snowcat transportation action!

I screwed up my first run and started my second one super nervous.
But I landed the second one, even though I am content with myself the run did not suffice to get me into the finals.

After the competition I took a few fun runs through the park with the two german teammembers Johannes Höpfl and Linus Birkendahl.



Some hang out and sleeping time after the competition

Tomorrow I'm heading back to my hometown Innsbruck.
The two weeks in Saas Fee were very nice, but I'm also glad to have a free weekend now, so I can finish my schoolstuff, even thought this isn't that much fun.

Just have some problems with getting my stuff in my bag,

but it worked out in the end :)

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